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How do I know what syrup to buy Light, Medium or Dark?

This is strictly a personal preference.  If you are buying it for a gift for someone that has never had “Real Maple Syrup” we would suggest Light Amber/Fancy.  If you are buying as a gift for someone that has used “Real Syrup” we would suggest Medium Amber.  Jeff’s favorite is Light Amber while Lori, Brianne & Courtney’s favorite is Dark Amber.

What are the differences between Light Amber (Fancy), Medium Amber, Dark Amber and Grade B Dark?

  • Grade A Light Amber Maple Syrup (also referred to as Vermont Fancy Maple Syrup): this syrup is the lightest amber color and has a light delicate maple flavor.
  • Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup (also referred to as Medium Maple Syrup): this syrup is a little bit darker color than the light and has a little more maple flavor.
  • Grade A Dark Amber Maple Syrup (also referred to as Dark Maple Syrup): this syrup is even darker than the medium and has a rich maple flavor. 
  • Grade B Extra Dark (also referred to as Grade B Maple Syrup for cooking): this syrup is the darkest and has a bold maple flavor. This is the most desired syrup for cooking purposes.

Is maple syrup organic?

The overwhelming majority of maple syrup is produced in forests where no herbicides or pesticides have been applied. Therefore, most maple syrup would be considered organic.

What is required for syrup to be labeled “organic?”

The requirements are stated by the particular organic certification organization, but generally state no use of substances (for example, fertilizers or pesticides) in the production process that would alter the pure nature of maple syrup.


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