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Nov 182012

Hopefully I have the technical difficulties worked out on the website and can get back on track.

We’ve been busy bottling more syrup getting ready for the Holiday Seasons.  As I’ve been working I’ve thought about all the things I/we(or Jeff & I) have to be thankful for: a wonderful family and everyone being healthy; the time that we get to spend together; great friends that are more like family; customers that are more than that they are friends;  being able to enjoy four seasons and the beauty that each season brings; I’m thankful that we are able to share our family tradition with all of you and our children and grandchildren (it’s a real delight to see and share the emotions a child has when they get to tap a tree, whether it’s for their first time or the first time for the season); the list goes on and on but we are truly blessed and have a lot to be thankful for.  Thank you all: family, great friends, and customers.

I’d like to share this recipe as it’s one of my favorites with squash right from our garden Saratoga Squash.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you are travelling, safe travels.

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