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Traditional Plastic Maple Cream Containers

Organic Maple Cream

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Traditional Plastic Maple Cream Containers Maple Cream in “Traditional” plastic containers

Maple Cream in Traditional Plastic Containers

Remember all of our Maple Products are “Organic”!

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is sometimes referred to as maple butter or maple spread, however there are no dairy products used in this product.  It is 100% maple syrup.

Our Maple Cream is made from 100% organic maple syrup. It is light in color with a smooth creamy texture. It is terrific on toast, bagels, muffins, Fruit, and doughnuts. Some prefer to eat it off the spoon! There are important nutrients such as amino acids, proteins, organic acids, minerals (calcium and potassium being the most prevalent) and trace levels of some vitamins.

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description: Our Organic Maple Cream sometimes referred to as Maple Butter is 100% Maple Syrup – nothing added. We have half-pounds and pounds available in plastic.
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